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Win Some, Lose Some

Sometimes a contract doesn’t work out as well as you hope. In this case, I was called to a meeting with an individual who runs a site that was in need of maintenance. The individual had experienced issues with previous contractors that carried into our meeting, and in the end I simply drafted this email to summarize the problems and some information on how to find a contractor with whom they would be more comfortable.

Any information regarding the site, its owner, and its internal operations is redacted for privacy.


I wanted to recap a bit of what we covered today and provide you with enough information to find the right person to solve your website problems and point them in the right direction.


There were two tasks we looked into for the site. The first was to update the [PAGE ELEMENT] on the “[REDACTED]” page ([REDACTED LINK]). We were able to identify that this [PAGE ELEMENT] is actually a simple image produced using a program like photoshop, and so it can only be readily modified if you have the project file (in a photoshop file like .psd). There are two ways to move forward: the first is to contact the team who designed the original [PAGE ELEMENT] and see if you can get their project file, and the other is to have someone else design a new version and give you the project file when it’s done.

The second task is to add your [REDACTED – OTHER SITE] author page to the site. In order to do this most easily, I recommend you have someone build you a new page with an “iframe” code element and a link to your current article page. A [SPECIFIED PLUGIN ITEM] with something like the following line of HTML should do the trick:

<iframe src="https://www.w3schools.com"></iframe>

Finally, I strongly recommend that whoever you hire to complete your site perform a full-site backup prior to working in case something goes wrong (as it has in the past). In addition, it would help your selection process to ensure they are familiar with the [REDACTED] plugin and [REDACTED PLUGIN]. These are pay-to-use WordPress plugins that independent developers may be unfamiliar with, so make sure to specify these elements in your request for most reliable results.

I’m sorry we couldn’t work together to make these changes to your site as you desired, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

-Robert Beisert

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